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We are an Online 3-D Page Turning, e-Book Publisher/Distributor...Publishing,Print on Demand-PaperBack and HardCover,...building websites for our authors....


To provide publishing and sales for author's, by way of our 3-D page turning, Digital Web Book Authoring Software, Print on Demand-PaperBack and HardCover, Automatic adding into the inventory of,, our website's and the entire Ingram Group......

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     Our Author's enjoy our "Print On Demand" automatic adding of their books, to the inventor and online sells links of, and the entire Ingram Group.....including the Espresso Book Machine! We build a website for our authors...they handle the blog and newletter!

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The Year Is 2012! The world as we know it is filled with terrorists, drug cartels, drug dealers, drug users, predating pedophiles, stalkers, rapists, good cops, corrupted cops...  The list may go on to even more monstrous cases: fathers and mothers killing their babies, entire families slaughtered in their own home, or both parents murdered and their young children disappeared with no trace left for the police to track... Law Enforcement Officers not using K-9 search dogs for 2 days, while young children die in the trunk of a car right under the officers' noses, in the yard of their own house... Sounds like a movie script. It's not! But if you watch any of the major news channels, you know it's not! And another sad "if" - if you're in the United States of America, you know - the laws protect anyone accused of a crime. And then you realize: It is your word against theirs. Remember: Without hard evidence to support your claims, the law states the accused must go free... Why not write a book about it, contact us...

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