I Found Osama bin Laden, reported it to the Whitehouse, and wrote a book about it!


Book 1


ISBN-13: 978-0982737101


Book 1






Book 1


Book 1, SITUATION RESOLVED, is the book which hold's the Authentic Military SALUTE Report of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Which was sent to the Whitehouse. The same report caused Senator Martinez of Florida to quit and the Governor of Florida Charlie Crist, to lose the support of the GOP... I Am The Eyewitness, Both Side's Follow Me! - I say that, because, after reporting the whereabouts of (Usama) Osama bin Laden to the Whitehouse, I was followed by CIA, and Terrorist... Even until this very day!


Book 2



ISBN-13: 978-



Book 2






Book 2



Book 2,

RATS PATROL - This is the book, which exposes Hillary Clinton discussing our military strategy on international tv…the result, innocent people got killed! - It Happened Right Before My Eye's, I Could Not Believe She Did That! 

Chapter:  20      pg  223

History has proven; Giving the Enemy an Intelligence Report. Who’s Side Is She On?

Book 3



US Government


They handed it to me on a silver platter...

Book 3,

TO KILL A RABBIT, has been sent to the publisher for publishing in paperback and hardcover, will be released soon! Use contact form, for information request's.

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Here is the proof, for all to own. The entirety of the pages in this book

(TO KILL A RABBIT), are the authentic Military S.A.L.U.T.E. Reports sent to the office of Senator John McCain. As it happened...Treason by US Government Officials!

Hiring and or contracting non-US Citizens to take part in the decision making process, while governing over US Citizen's. (I seen it with my own eye's!) Foreign nationals, employed at all levels, governing over Native Born US Citizen's...inside the US Government.


Navy Seals:

Obama supporter’s are banned from reading my book’s! “I know I’m risking my life in allowing anyone to read and know the truth! I was told,


“When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity... you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others” ?

Robert Greene , The 48 Laws of Power

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What if you seen with your own eye's, members of your government committing crimes! Even when you give the evidence to the news media, they do not report it: What would you do?  I am here to tell you, "There isn't enough kitty sand in Arabia to cover their stink."

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Page 132 Hard Copy Book 1, SITUATION RESOLVED :

Three hours after being shot, it was dark now; a member of

the M*A*S*H unit dressed in all white, walked over to me

with a very large clear syringe. He took the stick out of my

mouth throwing it away; I was still shaking!

The clear syringe was the size of a Coke can, filled with a

clear solution. It had a large plastic point on the end of it with

a large opening. The M*A*S*H unit member pushed it into

my exit wound, injecting the entire contents.

I screamed bloody murder, for the burning pain was more

intense, then the moment I was shot.

The man in the white shirt grabbed a hold of me, as if he

thought I was going to rise up to start running.

Then he said "Oh my God, Oh my God! I thought you

already had some morphine! That was pure alcohol!"

Angrily, I spoke up and said "NO, I HAVE HAD


He then said "Wait right there, I will get you some

morphine!" Once I was given a shot of morphine, my lights

went out. I woke up feeling like I was inside of a freezer.

As I looked around me, I could tell that I was inside of an

army bus with a blanket over me. However, my bare feet were

sticking out into the cold air! I would soon find out that I was

in a parking lot at an Army Air Base outside of Ft. Sam

Houston, Texas.

The next day, I was given more morphine and a spinal

anesthesia so that the surgeons could cut out the dead or dying

flesh of my gun shot exit wound.

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you can’t do it alone.  John Cheever

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When you own a copy of  "INSIGHT IGNITES THE EYEWITNESS, Book One, SITUATION RESOLVED." You become an Army of One! To include having an alliance with ever other owner.

The Most Important Story Of The Last Decade...You Will Not Find It Anywhere Else!

Insight Ignites the Eyewitness, Book 1: Situation Resolved, and, Insight Ignites The Eyewitness, Book 2, Rats Patrol

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As you know, these book's are written by the man who found Osama bin Laden...and contain the same authentic email report of the location and activity of Osama bin Laden which was sent to the President of the United States. Which is being covered-up until after the election!

If you wait until after the election to buy this book, it simply will not matter...you will have lost your chance at shaping it's outcome with the truth!  Oh, by the way, "How is that tainted Kool-aid on the news channels tasting?"

Go ahead, try to prove I am lying...it can't be done!

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It is a simple fact, that I sent the S.A.L.U.T.E. Report of the activity and whereabouts of Osama bin Laden to the Whitehouse by email...and their covering it up until after the election! When I get back to the USA, I will sue... (I Have More Then Enough Admissible Evidence For A Court Of Law!) I'm Going To Fight Like Hell !    -    This is real, all correspondence printed in these books are authentic copies of what was sent (As it happened, when it happened!) to the Whitehouse, CIA, FBI, Senator Martinez, Governor Crist of Florida, Senator McCain and so on...no editing of the authentic correspondence was made...if I miss-spelled something in the correspondence (In my rush to send it!), it has not been changed in the book! 100% Authentic... 

Americans, you are going to vote, now please, do it with all the facts!  

In Book 2, Rats Patrol, I had sent in a S.A.L.U.T.E. Report with a military strategy. Hillary Clinton stated the strategy over International TV...innocent people got killed because if it! I seen her do it, with my own eye's. This book holds the authentic report!

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It is a simple fact, that I sent the S.A.L.U.T.E. Report of the activity and whereabouts of Osama bin Laden to the Whitehouse by email...and their covering it up until after the election!

Screenplay wanted, it is inevitable...

Have You Ever?  If you yourself had been the person who found bin Laden and reported it to the Whitehouse. Would you have written a book about it?

I sure would, and I have done just that...

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Book One  "SITUATION RESOLVED" ...                        Book Two "RATS PATROL"...